Vendor at Natural or Knot Event

I had wonderful time at the Natural or Knot event on February 24th, 2012. The event offered a great mix of inspirational Artist, Poets, Singers, Stylist, and a gorgeous group of people from the Bay Area's natural hair community.  I would like to give a big Thank You to the event hosts - Sheree and Janina.  This was also my first vendor event, giving me an opportunity to showcase my natural hair dolls from Natural Girls United!.  I was so excited to see the lucky winners of the two dolls given away during the event. It was an great experience to come together with such a positive group of people. I look forward to seeing everyone again at the next Bay Area event!

Photo Credit: Karen Byrd, Thomas Horton

BOOK GIVEAWAY - Internal Vanity

BOOK GIVEAWAY - Internal Vanity: Perception, Deception, and The Blackest Truth

Synopsis: Vanity, Diana, Becky and Naomi. Four adopted sisters from a small northeast Texas town become everything they wanted to be: an iconic songstress, a high powered media mogul, a goddess of beauty, and an artist respectively. Well into their 40’s, each of these dynamic African American women find themselves at a crossroads when the youngest sister and world‘s greatest diva Vanity Black decides to pen her explosive autobiography. Known as the most beautiful woman that ever lived, the black-skinned diva Caucasian benchmarks to become a beauty,fashion, and musical icon. But her philosophical and unpopular perspectives on beauty, gender, Racial Addiction and what she calls “The Symbolic Face of Power” would ultimately cast her to hell on earth as The Most Hated Woman On Earth. However, her eccentric sister, the notorious Diana Black, seeks to use her own charismatic genius and manipulative PR skills to bring her back from the brink. Her plans are only further complicated when their identity challenged sister, Becky Black, reveals a scientific breakthrough to rid the world of dark skin and kinky hair. Worlds collide in a brutal battle of love and hate as each sister is forced to confront personal demons lurking in the misty haze of a complex past extending far beyond their births. With surprise visits from “The Ultimate Artist”, it is the journey to the completion of Vanity Black’s autobiography and the polar opposite release of Becky Black’s discovery that will force the world to take an honest inventory of itself and discover “The Blackest Truth”.

To enter these giveaway, follow these three steps:

1. View the video "The Most Hated Woman on Earth"

2.  After watching the video, reply to this post answering this question: "What do you think The Blackest Truth is?" 

3. You must be a follow of this blog (Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog), and also go to and follow their blog.

The  Internal Vanity book giveaway ends March 3rd at 10 pm. The winner will be announced March 5st. The giveaway is being offered for U.S. residents only.

Giveaway Winner! Kynx 'I Am Pure' Hair Oil

The winner of the Kynx 'I Am Pure' Hair Oil giveaway is TopModel!!  Thank you everyone for entering the contest, and please keep an eye open for more giveaways coming soon.  Topmodel, please email me at, to provide your shipping address.  I will forward your information to my Kynx company connection.

Dreadlocks Barbie Dolls

If you have not already visited my online store for customized ethnic natural hair dolls, please go to Natural Girls United!.  As of today, for the Dreadlocks barbies, I have two for sale. Both dolls originally had straight hair, and I gave them gorgeous Dreadlocks!   Each doll has a different hair blend, so the texture and outcome is different. To see pricing, go to the details page for these dolls. They are not currently listed for sale, but will be posted tomorrow afternoon. If you are interested in these dolls, or some of the other dolls from the website, please email me at

Welcome to the World Blue Ivy!

Great photos posted on by Beyonce & Jay Z of their new baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.  To see more, go to Hello Blue Ivy.

Makeup Tips by Destiny

Great Makeup Tutorial from Destiny Godley

Kynx Hair Care Product Line!

Kynx has a great hair care line. Their products include:
These products are great because there are oils, conditioners and gels that work great for loc's. And great creams, conditioners and cleanser for curly and kinky hair.  So there is something for everyone. To learn more about Kynx, go to Kynx Hair Care and find them on Facebook

Strobelight & Strike A Pose!

Bari Cosmetics is introducing two new crackle nail polish combinations from their Pure Ice line! The first is Strobelight which is inspired by Madonna & Lady Gaga. "Whether you are a Little Monster or a die hard Queen Madge fan, Pure Ice Strobelight has something for you. One coat disco ball-sy gold glitter and shiny patent leather badass black crackle - Pick your side and pledge your allegiance, monster claw and all."  The second polish combo is Stike a Pose which is inspired by little baby 'Blue Ivy'. “”Baby I painted the sky blue, my greatest creation was you!”  Hiphop Royalty Jay-Z and Beyonce's new baby girl Blue Ivy has the most amazing Fairy God Mother... Oprah! Want to know what it feels like to have to world at your fingertips? Maybe a little bit like this!”
Great polishes from Bari Cosmetics! To see more, check them out at and see more on their Facebook page.  
*Additional Images found via Amandalandish!!

Beautify Me by CANFO

I am excited to be staring the new year off with a healthier diet and brighter outlook on life. I have been increasing my veggie and fruit intake and have increased my exercise routine. I have also made an effort to look for great vitamins and supplements to help me to be a healthier and better me. I recently found out about Canfo's BeautifyMe.

"Beauty is simply a reflection of the body's condition: every woman has the ability to become beautiful. Hair, skin, and nails are often the most obvious reflection of the body’s condition. When the body and more specifically, when a woman's reproductive system is deprived of nutrients, hair often appears less full and vibrant; nails have bumps and ridges and are even brittle; skin becomes drier and more prone to inflammation. BeautifyMe™ works to replenish and enhance the reproductive system and its ability to absorb and maintain nutrients. As the reproductive system more efficiently absorbs nutrients, the byproduct is a healthy, replenished body with healthy, hair, skin, and nails." To learn more about Canfo and their pro-better-health products, go to  I am excited to add BeautifyMe to my new healthy diet!

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organic's has some great hair care products. Their lavender shampoo and conditioner smells heavenly!

I had a chance to add the balancing shampoo to my last hair wash.  I used it as a pre-wash and then used my regular shampoo after, and I loved how clean my scalp and hair looked! To learn more about Aubrey's hair products, go to You can also join them on Facebook.

29 Styles, 29 Days, $29 Dollars!

29 Styles, 29 Days, $29 Dollars!
By Terez Howard

If you could ask me what emotion dominated my first year with locs, I would not say freedom, although my locking journey was and continues to be a freeing experience.  I would not say love, even though I love my hair more than ever since my micro locs were installed.  I would say fear.
Yes, fear.  I was afraid of ruining my hair.  I worried that manipulation would cause irreversible damage.  I know.  Dramatic, right?  So, I did only about a dozen hair styles during those first 365 days with locked hair.  For me, that was a sickeningly minimal amount of styles since I was the girl that changed her hair do at least every week, if possible.

It took me a whole year to realize that the locs growing out of my head weren’t going to crash and burn from styling.  Therefore, to satisfy my craving for hair styles, I decided to do 29 Styles, 29 Days, $29.  I will do a different hair style every day in February and not spend more than $29 on accessories.
This challenge will be tricky because I don’t have long locs, and the styles I salivate over require arm-pit length hair.  I also lack hair styling skills because I have done next to no experimenting with my locs.

I invite you to follow my challenge at Naturalicious Hair every day in February.