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I want to thank Leonceo Omar Bennett for creating this image art for me. I love this. Thank you.

Featured Reader - LaRisha!

Q: What is your hair story?  What kind of hair styles have you rocked, before embracing your natural hair?  

A: Throughout the mid-80s to late-90s, my hair was chemically tainted from perms, s-curls, leisure curls, and relaxers. In 1998, after my first big trim, I tried to grow it out and wear my hair natural, but being afraid of “the big chop”, half my head was curly and half was chemically straight and limp. Ewwwwwwwww.

In 1999, I got inner-locs twice. First time, I took them out, my hair pressed out beautifully and it was long. Second time, I left them in too long, and I broke off a lot of my hair. Still afraid of a big chop, in 2000, I started getting it relaxed again, got trims and started wearing it in cute roller sets (think Whitney in the 90’s). Relaxers finally ruined my scalp completely, so I started transitioning again by using this mixture – LIV leave-in crème, ProStyle Gel, and water and scrunching my hair into these pretty cool waves and curls. As the transition progressed, I started getting creative with the curly/wavy styles. I started putting my hair in medium braids at night, and I would use jeri curl rods to curl the braids tightly. When I take the braids and curls out, it would make the cutest style (think 1930s).

One day, after getting my hair pressed, I saw how badly uneven and broken my ends were, it was horrible. So finally, I did THE BIG CHOP! And, boy it was liberating. I was chemical-free!!! I wore it in a bob cut. It was so cute when pressed, but it felt so good to wash it and wear it wavy/curly knowing that this was ALL MY NATURAL hair!  I’ve been wearing it natural ever since.

Q: When and why did you decide to start wearing your hair naturally?
A:  I’ve been wearing my hair naturally on and off, but went permanently natural in the early 2000s. Chemicals were killing my scalp and ruining my hair. I always loved the look of curly hair on black women (i.e. Lark Voorhies from Saved by the Bell was my inspiration), I desired to rock that look one day.  I didn’t know my hair could really do it.

Q: Did you have any big fears about going back to your natural texture?
A: Not really. I didn’t know my hair was naturally curly and wavy, so I embraced it.  Only thing I feared was losing a lot my hair from the breakage after washing it. When my hair finally got to its total natural state, my curls got real coily and tight, and they would get tangled a lot. I had to learn to be real careful when I comb my hair out.

Q: What are three products you can't live without for nurturing/styling your hair?
A:  Essential oils (Castor at the moment), Aloe Vera Gel, A good deep conditioner (using Aubrey’s at the moment)

Q: What would you say to someone who's thinking about embracing their natural hair, but scared about being rejected in various parts of their lives?
A: Look at the millions of beautiful and prominent women who are embracing their natural hair, and say to yourself “hey, this is me – take it or leave it. I’m awesome, confident, and this is part of my heritage”. There are so many ways to wear your hair as a natural woman. You can be wild and free, or neat and chic, so don’t be afraid, there is a personal style for every natural woman. If one regimen doesn’t work, try the next.  Don’t give up. You just have to be willing to accept that being natural is a trial and error process. Not all regimens work the same, but it’s worth it when you find the right one or few.

Q: How can we keep up with you and your journey i.e. blog, twitter, facebook, fotki, tumblr, personal or professional website? (Optional)

Natural Beauty - Kwarana Adrea

This weeks Natural Beauty is model, Kwarana Adrea. A good friend of  Kwarana emailed me and recommend that I feature Kawarana. So I am very happy to introduce you to this lovely young lady, that has been natural all of her life.
What inspired your to have natural hair? Well growing up I've always notice family, friends, random people in the street - all following a trend of weaves,extensions... straighten hair, basically.  And I didn't want to be part of that group. Even still to this day, I'm the only person in my whole family who has locs. Never in my life, did I ever put chemicals in my hair. The quality and texture of my hair has never changed since day one. I remember being such an outcast in my school years, because all of little girls my age were already perming their hair.  It honestly never bothered me . My younger sister always begged my parents to have her hair permed, but I never did. As a child I grew up with every possible natural hair style you could imagine....I had the braids, corn rows, William sister beads, Afro puffs, mickey mouse puffs and Afros.  I carried those hairstyles up through elementary and middle school then eventually high school. Finally in my second year of high school, I started to grow loc's.When I first started the loc my hair, I got so much negative feedback from a lot of females, but that didn't stop me. And look at me now  ..... Its been six years now and I love my locs!!!!! I was meant to have natural hair all my life; and I wish alot of women could follow...  The same young ladies back in high school, who told me to not loc my hair, are in love with my hair  now and actually are on a path for having natural hair. So I'm very thrilled about that!!!

Maintenance Tips: I use two very good product line for my hair and I would recommend it for everyone....I use the "Loc  A Fella twist gel" & the " Jamaican Mango & Lime Island Oil".  These two products work well with my hair. I used the "Jamaican Mango Wax" for a couple of months at one point, but then I stopped because the wax created build up. So I wouldn't suggest using the wax. But a great alternative is honey. But I have always been curious to know if other people with loc's use wax and if it also created the same build up..."
- Kwarana Adrea,

Ima's Curls!

I have total loc envy when it comes to Ima's loc's. I first saw Ima online and then in person, and she is just as beautiful in person as she is in her photos (also see her previous post). Ima recently tried the styling technique of using pipe cleaners, to create big beautiful curls, with her loc's. And it came out gorgeous!

"After shampooing my loc's I put the pipe cleaners in them while still damp & kept them in until they where completely dry, before I pulled them out. I use very little oil on my scalp & hair.  I had so much fun styling my hair, it was easy to put them in." ~ Ima

I am inspired!  I will be trying this style soon. Thanks Ima...

Celetial Crowns Shower Caps

Hello everyone! I want to recommend a great shower cap created by Margie Cattouse. She is the owner of Celestial Comforter, LLC.   Her company creates shower caps for women with big, beautiful, natural hair. I received my shower caps a few weeks ago, and I use them almost every day!! I wish I had these shower caps years ago. Not only can I fit all of my loc's into the shower caps, but they are comfortable.

Here is more about Margie -

"My name is Margie Cattouse, the owner of Celestial Comforter, LLC.   My product is aptly named "Celestial Crowns Shower Caps".  I originally developed my "Shower Crowns" for an under served, loc'd hair community, of which I am a proud card carrying member.  My locs were approaching shoulder-length, yet I was having difficulty placing this hair I adore in any shower cap currently available in the market.  Not only were they too small, they lacked durability and were totally devoid of any aesthetic appeal.  I wondered what in the world would I do as my hair grew to its zenith?  So, I conducted an independent survey of my peer demographic with longer, heavier loc's and I was shocked and dismayed by the responses given.  Here, were the descendants of Kings and Queens, using garbage bags, dry cleaners plastic, multiple unreliable shower caps, playing dodge the shower nozzle and other innovative methods, in an attempt to avoid getting their treasured loc's wet. I researched in stores and on-line sites for oversized shower caps and was thoroughly underwhelmed!  What existed, lacked knowledge of, or an affinity for this particular community of potential customers.... quite simply lacked LOVE.
I decided to design a better mousetrap, making a shower cap that would be sturdier, more attractive and mindful of price. My optimum goal is to have everyone in the natural hair community world-wide owning at least one “Celestial Crowns Shower Cap", never again donning a garbage bag. I debuted my Crowns at the Transcendence Hair Show in New York in October. They were extremely well received, with responses like "God Bless you Sister”, “This cain't be what I think it is”, “You made a shower cap for us, Awww”, and my favorite "I thought of making an oversized shower cap (correction my sister CROWN), but I was too lazy and asked God to direct me to someone that had created one”...(prayers are answered YES sometimes My Love). As you can see from the pictures attached, my Crowns come in 3 different sizes, XL, L, and Mini-Crowns.   Mini-Crowns, were created by popular demand, born out of the “envy” of friends and family without natural hair wanting a durable, funkier shower cap. My friends said, "Marg, I want to shower in a CROWN TOO!”, LoL. As an added feature to the Shower Crown, a 15mm nickel snap has been attached on the  X-Large to serve dual purposes, 1) to hold heavier, lengthier hair, which sometimes falls out the back of the Crown, or 2) for use by people with permed, braids, weaves, or silky straight hair.   When individuals with relaxed hair use the snap they pull the Crown back and their hair cascades into the fullness of the Crown, no need to wrap their hair prior to getting in the shower. Crowns are attractively packaged in 6x9 clear frosted plastic, die cut handle bags with "Celestial Crowns" in gold script lettering. Furthermore, the bags are heat-sealed for shipping.  My website is  - Margie L. Cattouse


Loc's. Love. Curl's. Love. Braids. Love. 
Afro's. Love. Fades. Love. Dreads. 
Love. Twist. Love. Coils. Love. 
Exciting Amazing Beauty!! 

all natural beauty!

Andy Allo on 'The Game'

This is a shout out and a congratulations to Natural Beauty Andy Allo!  She had a spot on last nights season premier of The Game. Here is to wishing her the best! And props to her for representing our natural beauty on and off screen!
Singer, Actress and Model

Readers Question - Reversing Damaged Hair??

Email Question from Victoria- 

"I just did the big chop after a month's transition. My hair is pretty short so I am now wearing braids. I decided to go natural after a major destruction of my front hair after wearing weaves and relaxing my hair continuously.  It really did damage so i decided to leave the world of perms and weaves. One major problem that really bothers me is my front hair. It has never grown after the damages of the weaves. I have taken almost everything to help with the blood circulation but nothing has helped. I take multivitamins with iron, I apply serums and healing oils , and I don't plait it. now that everyone is noticing it never ending occurrence, it really makes me feel sad and I am disappointed in it!"

What Victoria has already tried -
"I have used essential oils like peppermint( I have a just started using it) and caster oil. I have also used healing oil by doctor miracle and a fertilizing serum by organics.  The boldness has been there for exactly one year now. I love hair but this boldness is driving me crazy and I really need your advise what to do!  Thank you! ~ Victoria, UK"

If any one has and advice or tips for Victoria, please reply to this message with the information or email me at

Awesome Bloggers - Mop Top Maven!

I am always excited when I discover a new blog that is full of great information, tips, natural beauty and more. This month, I want to highlight Mop Top Maven. Not only is she and her hair gorgeous! But she also have recipes, great information, YouTube tutorials and gorgeous pictures on her site. Her blog will be added to my Favorites as of now!

The Mop Top Maven
Mop Top Maven - You Tube

Regular Braid Out Tutorial

Flexi Rod Tutorial - Part 2

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