Readers Question - Reversing Damaged Hair??

Email Question from Victoria- 

"I just did the big chop after a month's transition. My hair is pretty short so I am now wearing braids. I decided to go natural after a major destruction of my front hair after wearing weaves and relaxing my hair continuously.  It really did damage so i decided to leave the world of perms and weaves. One major problem that really bothers me is my front hair. It has never grown after the damages of the weaves. I have taken almost everything to help with the blood circulation but nothing has helped. I take multivitamins with iron, I apply serums and healing oils , and I don't plait it. now that everyone is noticing it never ending occurrence, it really makes me feel sad and I am disappointed in it!"

What Victoria has already tried -
"I have used essential oils like peppermint( I have a just started using it) and caster oil. I have also used healing oil by doctor miracle and a fertilizing serum by organics.  The boldness has been there for exactly one year now. I love hair but this boldness is driving me crazy and I really need your advise what to do!  Thank you! ~ Victoria, UK"

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