Nicole's Sisterloc's

Read this readers contribution from Nicole about her new Sisterloc's:

Q: How long have you been Natural? If you transitioned from process hair to natural hair, what made you want to change?
A: I have been natural for a year but unfortunately I wore weaves for that whole year. I stopped processing my hair because I thought it was an unnecessary expense since I did wear weaves and I wanted healthy hair. I now currently rock 2 day old sisterlocks. Which I am excited about!

Q: What has been the most amazing or suprising part of your having natural hair?
A: The most surprising part of going natural was how beautiful I looked with my natural fro. As sad as that sounds, I didn't know I would be so beautiful or as beautiful as I was with my long flowing weave. But I love the way I look with natural hair.

Q: What is your maintenance routine? What product do you love?
A: Right now I have a shake and go routine...still new to the sisterlocks.

Q: What advice do you have for any one that is considering going back to their natural texture or getting their hair loc'd?

A: Be fearless. Going natural is scary for black women...society has made us afraid to love ourselves the way God made us. So I would say do not be afraid to be you, because the natural you is the most beautiful. And I am so happy I stopped damaging my hair with chemicals.

Q: How can we keep up with you and your journey (for example: facebook, fotki, tumblr, twitter, and more)?
A: Facebook. I have a photo album that I will update often to show my sisterlocks journey.

Fab Party for Charity - Project Ahimsa

I went to a great party that was hosted to raise money for a charity called Project Ahimsa. It took place on Friday, September 24 in San Francisco. The theme was Bollywood Disco, and the charity is helping to raise money for underprivileged children in India that don't have music programs.   To learn more about the charity, please to go Project Ahimsa Org.

It was so much fun. There was a live band, a henna tattoo artist, amazing food, great music & people. We danced and had a blast. And best news of all, the fundraising goal for that night, was met for a great charity.

Bay Area Naturals Event Coming in October

Mark your calendars! On October 23rd, join us at "Rock Your Natural" natural hair event, hosted by Cassidy, from the  I went to the last event hosted by Cassidy and it was lots of fun. Their will be product swaps and a chance for you to meet and connect with other Bay Area naturals.

Photography by Sidney Etienne

Beautiful Magazine Quality photographs from Photograher Sidney Etienne.  Amazing work!

"Sidney Etienne is a Haitian-born, US-raised graphic designer and photographer currently active in New York City. With a degree in visual communications from Gibbs NY, Sidney emerged as a specialist in graphic design with a broad range of skills for Sidney Etienne is a Haitian-born, US-raised graphic designer and photographer currently active in New York City.

With a degree in visual communications from Gibbs NY, Sidney emerged as a specialist in graphic design with a broad range of skills for coordinating and producing a variety of graphics products and services. He possesses expertise in digital editing, image manipulation and image restoration.

Sidney served as creative director of the groundbreaking cinematography center of Jacmel, Haiti, Cine Institute before returning to New York to work as post-production manager for KMR Group, Inc. where he has worked closely with high-end clients to administer the activities of a major production studio.
Working independently, Sidney most recently has photographed spreads of Kingsize Magazine, Supermodels Unlimited and Marie Claire. To date he has exhibited his work in NYC, Montreal, Haiti and Brazil. Sidney is available worldwide for assignments in all aspects of undertaking or producing photography including set design and retouching services." - Source
Location: Brooklyn, NY, 11206
Phone: 917.445.2807

How Cassadie does the Twist!

Check out Cassadie's step-by-step instructions on how she creates her two-strand twist, and what products she used to achieve this look - Natural Selection Blog

Giveaway!! ♥ Model in a Bottle♥

I love Model in Bottle!!

One of my biggest complaints about wearing make up is that it can be messy.  It gets on your clothes, it gets on other peoples clothes when you give them hugs. And forgot about going to the gym. But the time I am done working out, my makeup has melted, leaving me looking like a hot mess.

I recently tried Model in Bottle, and I love it!!! After you apply your make up, you spray it on your face (I always cover my eyes when applying) and it keeps your make up fresh all day.  To give it a test, I used this spray on a day when it was 80 degrees out side, which is hot for an active day. And then that night I went to the gym and worked out. When I work out, I sweat a lot!  I was amazed that after a long hot day and a hardcore work out, that my make up was still fresh.  

The product is from Misikko, and they have offered to host a giveaway on the Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog.  To win the prize of one Model in a Bottle, please answer the following questions:

1.  After visiting the Misikko site, what did you learn about Model in a Bottle that you found interesting?
2.  Model in a bottle keeps your make up fresh and helps to avoid messy make up disasters. Tell us about one of your make up disasters or nightmare from the past?

For me, my biggest pet peeve is when I give someone a hug and leave my makeup on their shoulder; and looking like a melted hot mess after work outs. 

The winner will be chosen by John, from Misikko, who will also ship the item to whom ever wins. The contest ends on September 30th. Good luck!

Inspirational photo of the week

I love that there are no limits to how natural hair can be styled. This photo, from fashion forward designer, Sergio Wonder, is one of my favorites.

Connect with Sergio:

600 Subscriber!!!

Wonderful news everyone! We have reached 600 Subscribers (aka - wonderful 'blog followers')!!!  Each time we hit a milestone, I feel so blessed and happy to be a part of this Natural Hair Community. I appreciate you all for sticking with me and contributing every day.  Please continue to join in, share, and help us celebrate the beauty of Natural Hair. 

As always, this blog is for you and about you.  Feel free to contribute by sending in pictures, your stories, experiences, knowledge and or questions. Go to the Contribute page for more information. Also, if you see a great story, book, article or video that should be shared, email me the info at You will get full credit for any information that is shared on this blog.  Don't forget to check out the website at  Also we have two giveaways right now! So check out the Swag Bag page for more information.

Thank you again!  I learn so much from you all. And it is so great to see that we can empower each other by just connecting.  Peace and Love  ~ Karen @NaturallyBeautifulHair

Artist - Leonceo Omar Bennett

Great drawings from Talented artist, Leonceo Omar Bennett. You can find Leonceo, on Facebook.

RE: Flowers From Fatima

I did a post a while back on a young lady by the name of Fatima. At young age of 21, she has created her own business. She creates beautiful handmade flower accessories.  I was so impressed by this young lady that I wanted to support her business. So my shipment came in yesterday, and I love my flowers. Check it out:

I also got a really cool t-shirt that says "Where there are flowers, there is life", and it fits perfectly!  I love my items from Fatima's Etsy Shop.

Check out Fatima's Esty Store:
My recent post on her: Fatima's Flowers

Giveaway!! Natural Hair Styling DVD

Allyson, Co-Creator of Natural Styling Guide, is hosting Naturally Beautiful Hair's next giveaway.  Allyson is giving away a hair styling dvd, that highlights how to create 10 natural styles.

"The Natural Styling Guide DVD was created by a chemist and one of the industry’s top stylist to help women around the world embrace natural hair and feel confident about their hair no matter the texture. The Natural Styling Guide provides a step by step styling demonstration of ten different chemical free styles on DVD for individuals with natural hair or those transitioning from the relaxer and don’t want to do the “big chop”." - Natural Styling Guide

To enter the contest, please to go, and then come back and answer the following two questions: 
1.  What is something interesting you read about on their companies website?
2.   How would this DVD be helpful to you or a friend?

The contest will end on September 25,  2010. The winner will be chosen by Allyson, towards the end of the month and the did will be shipped to who ever wins.  Good luck!

Ray Loc Soc's

Here are some great videos from Ray's Loc Soc's that show how to wear loc soc's.  To see his collection and where to buy the loc soc's, go to SocLocSoc.

Ima's Loc's

I was walking around a local lake a few days ago, (getting my exercise on!)  and I passed a beautiful young lady with gorgeous loc's.  I knew instantly that I had seen her pictures on Facebook. I wanted to say hi, but could not remember her name. So they next day,  I searched on Facebook and found Ima's profile.  I asked if I could feature her on the Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog. And she said yes!  It is not often that I can say that I have loc envy, but her loc's look just as great in person as they do in these photos below.  

Here is more about Ima -

How long have you had loc's?
I started my loc journey, lets month October will make it 4 years.

What made you decide to loc your hair?
I had been desiring to loc up since 9 years ago but wanted to 1st get all other styles out of my system. I knew loc'ing my hair would required patience and commitment which I gained some years later

Was it a hard transition?
No not at all, I felt it was long overdue and was pretty ecstatic to get it started. I fell in love with my hair like never before...I would study them closely and watch its transition and growth process. My favorite part to watch was how it expanded as it hardened in the beginning. Admittedly it is by far my favorite hairstyle

What has been the best thing to happen to you because of your natural hair?
The freedom of expression, to be my full self, to be whole again...To see my true beauty come alive and express its existence. To be as God intended for me to be...My true Natural Self...Give Thanks

What is your maintenance routine?
I shampoo my hair once a month, massage it twice a month with my natural oil concoction, Style it right after I shampoo....

What are the hair products that you can't live without?
Different Essential & base oils that I use when concocting oils for my hair like Jojoba, Sage, Clove, Peppermint, Olive oil, Lemon Eucalyptus, Damascus rose oil, just to name a few....

What advice would you give someone that wants to loc their hair?
It requires lots of patience and commitment in the beginning...if u can make it pass the beginning, you owe yourself a big pat on the back, because not everyone can stay committed that long....It's definitely something you want to be ready for, not so much a fad... Also not to play with it to much by touching it up excessively, let it breath so it can expand, express itself by spreading its wings & grow healthy & strong. Just think of it as the roots of plant & trees, it expresses best when it isn't confined and constantly picked on. I notice that seem to be a common issue that quite a few loc beginners faces... And lastly contrary to popular belief, it is very much a versatile hairstyle that you can do so much with so don't let that misconception be your reason for not loc'ing...

Thank you Ima for sharing your hair story with us!
Peace, Love & Happiness ~ Karen @ Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog

Nikeisha from Trinidad

How long have you been growing your Loc's?
I’ve been growing my locks for about 10 years. I’ve been completely natural for around 12.

What made you decide to grow your hair naturally without chemicals?

When I finished school and started to work, the girl that sat next to me respectfully suggested that I give my hair a rest from the chemicals – my hairline was pretty damaged. It’s funny, cause although I knew my hair was over processed and my hair line forsaking me, from being pulled back too tight, too often, I never even thought about taking a break. It always seemed ‘natural’ to keep getting a relaxer. In fact I started braiding with the intention to resume relaxing after a couple months.
I took up Art classes and began making friends with the older people within the group. Amongst them, was a really robust respect for African heritage, which I kind of fell into. Around that time as well I became a born again Christian. I stop just attending to God casually and really knowing Him and understanding the beauty He purposely gave to me.  The enlightenment and homage to African culture was more of a healthy appreciation than a black supremacy/ fight the power kind of thing. I was just really infatuated with my dark skin, my nose, my frame and every kink in my hair. It was awesome.
So with all that going on around me, in my head and in my spirit, I just never got another relaxer; locks came some time after.

What are some of your favorite products?
My favourite products are Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. As we say here in Trini – it bes’! The combination keeps my hair light and soft. I’m also loving Aubrey Organics Clarifying Shampoo, it gently removes excess everything, without stripping my hair. About a year ago, really close friend of mine, started sharing all the info she was coming across on natural hair. Sites like,, Since then I’ve been creating my own hair regimen and my hair’s responded well – it’s naturally blacker and shinier. But I have learned, the hard way, to go easy on the quantity of products I put in my hair at a time, since it could be a little difficult to get them all out and they then remain in the locks. Not cool.

You’re from Trinidad. What is the culture like there?
Trinidad is actually part of a twin island state – Trinidad and Tobago. My country is definitely unique and undoubtedly blessed. We have a ton of natural resources, invented the steel pan, have lots of beaches, pretty birds and flowers - all that cool Caribbean stuff. But our richest treasure is the people themselves :-).          (To read the rest of Nikeisha's Interview, click on READ MORE to continue......)

I think we have every race on the planet here! And because of that there’s this plethora of cultures, tradition, religious celebrations, holidays and FOOD. It’s awesome! We’re also one of the more advanced Caribbean islands in terms of our global relationships etc, but we still manage to be pretty laid back. Lol!

Is natural hair something that is loved and embraced where you’re from? Or are there still a lot of societal pressures to have long straight hair?
Girls with natural hair aren’t scorned, jeered or met with any prejudice in most circles; the stigmas are slowly dissipating. Within the very large relaxed hair community, there’s a general heated and vocal apprehension about going natural. I talk to girls all the time to find out what they think about transitioning and everyone is like, “Girl you don’t know how hard my head (hair) is!” Long, straight hair is the aspiration.   I personally think that growing up, Caribbean girls had a hard time, no pun intended, with the products on the market. There was nothing over the counter that gave our hair what it needed. So, since there’s so much choice for relaxed heads, I guess they’re thinking why look back. I try to make them look forward in my own little way, pointing them to the resources that I’ve come across that teach us how to be good to our hair and give it the chance it never had.

What is your advice for anyone looking to go from process hair to their natural texture?
Firstly going natural doesn’t have to about being eccentric, artsy, hippie or rebellious. It’s just about appreciating all that the Father has given you. Why do all the other races accept what grows out of their heads and we are so discontent? There’s no need to be :) Don’t get me wrong; I think a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her hair. But it really hurts me when she turns to a relaxer because of a deep-seated and unfortunate inferiority complex and or dissatisfaction with who she is.
Also, if you’re going natural – get knowledge! There are lots lovely ladies with fantastic sites (like this one!) with great information. Some of my favourites are lecoil, natuallyleslie, naturalhairhaven, napturality and beautifulbrowngoddess and chescalocs on Youtube. Also take a look at the style galleries for inspiration, there’s so much you will be able to do with your natural hair.
Natural hair is so, so versatile; the experience doesn’t have to be a frustrating one. Soft, black, shiny, lustrous and long hair looks like a dream but it really isn’t – it’s beautiful reality.

You can find me online at: – I’m a photographer. Woot! 

Taren - Curly Hair Inspiration

Beautiful photos from Taran. She has her own website, called Areyaa, and also has hair styling tip video's on youtube. To see more of Taran, check out the links below and click on read more to hear about her natural hair story.

To see more of Areyaa, go to:
Youtube:  Taren916

And click read more below, to read about Areyaa....

"Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY growing up as a biracial child, I always had HAIR issues.. My Swedish grandmother who raised me didn’t know the first thing about caring for my type of hair.. At the age of 13, both of us agreed and I was happy to get my first relaxer to make things “easier” for the both of us..

Fast forward to my adult years, At the age of 21, I started seeing more and more beautiful NATURALS around me and I actually WISHED my hair was like theirs and it triggered a memory of me remembering “Oh! My hair IS like that naturally!” This was my lightbulb moment and I decided from that day, sometime in 2003, I decided not to relax my hair anymore cause I wanted my “curl” to come back..

 Back then, there was no YouTube and no one really talked about natural hair for me to actually start doing any type of research on it in the first place.. So when I made this decision, I was very ignorant of the TRANSITION process.. I even say now, if I was aware of the BIG CHOP.. I definitely would have been bold enough to do it.. But in my mind.. I thought that frequent wetting would magically get my curls back..Lol.. I mean, I was soooo ignorant about my haircare that I remember the very first time I tried to get my curl.. My regimen was shampoo of course… NO CONDTIONER! ( I know.. It’s crazy.. I was that bad that I didn’t understand the importance of condtioner)…. Took my blow dryer with no attachment (free nozzle) and just went wild and crazy with my SHAMPOOED ONLY HAIR!… What a nightmare that was as you can only imagine!! BUT.. I thought this was the way to do it and I actually went to work like that thinking I had achieved my natural look.. Lets just say it was an interesting day :-)

 From that point on, frustration got the best of me and I gave up… Didn’t give into relaxing.. Thanks goodness… But I gave into straightening.. I had no clue that I was doing it all wrong.. Didn’t know there were “tricks for transitioning” that I could’ve used ie: twist outs, rod sets etc…. So I would always get dominican roller sets and sometimes flat ironing.. About a year later, I decided randomly to wet my hair and just let it airdry…. What do you know! My hair was CURLY!!! :-)  So by accident, I tripped and stumbled upon my natural curls (already making the decision prior to just give up)… But I had completed my transition faze without even realizing that I was going through this process of GOING NATURAL..

So finally I started getting the hang of my curls and consulted with a friend of mine back then who was natural on what I should do.. She gave me a few recommendations on what products she had used and some application techniques…. But most importantly, she introduced me to the infamous…….. DIFFUSER!!! Yes!! This was my savior! This introduction was the start of me enjoying my curls!

For a few years, I was back and forth being straight and being curly.. Then in 2009 I went to YouTube and randomly decided to type in the search bar “biracial hair”…. Back then, that is the title I associated my hair with but I know now that it’s not “biracial hair” … It’s just simply “natural hair”…. Moving along.. This was the biggest moment of my natural hair journey! I was amazed at how much information was given on this subject and I had been glued to YouTube for days! Already trying techniques that were actually working for me immediately!
From that point on, history was in the making for me.. I was inspired to start making my own YouTube videos on June 18, 2009 and never looked back! :-)
I’m just amazed at how much this has been a lifestyle change for me… It feels great finally accepting ME light heartedly…." - Source