29 Styles, 29 Days, $29 Dollars!

29 Styles, 29 Days, $29 Dollars!
By Terez Howard

If you could ask me what emotion dominated my first year with locs, I would not say freedom, although my locking journey was and continues to be a freeing experience.  I would not say love, even though I love my hair more than ever since my micro locs were installed.  I would say fear.
Yes, fear.  I was afraid of ruining my hair.  I worried that manipulation would cause irreversible damage.  I know.  Dramatic, right?  So, I did only about a dozen hair styles during those first 365 days with locked hair.  For me, that was a sickeningly minimal amount of styles since I was the girl that changed her hair do at least every week, if possible.

It took me a whole year to realize that the locs growing out of my head weren’t going to crash and burn from styling.  Therefore, to satisfy my craving for hair styles, I decided to do 29 Styles, 29 Days, $29.  I will do a different hair style every day in February and not spend more than $29 on accessories.
This challenge will be tricky because I don’t have long locs, and the styles I salivate over require arm-pit length hair.  I also lack hair styling skills because I have done next to no experimenting with my locs.

I invite you to follow my challenge at Naturalicious Hair every day in February.