Natural Hair aspiring model - Monique

Meet aspiring model Monique! "My name is Monique and I have been growing my hair natural for about 4 1/2 years. It's a decision I went back and forth on for quite some time.  It was not until after giving birth to my
daughter, did I finally make the decision to begin the awesome transition of no longer perming my relaxed hair. I began by inserting twist in my hair, using weave rather than doing the ultimate chop. As
I began to be happy with the new look and feeling this brought to me; I decided on using the twist as the method to loc my hair. As new growth formed, I would then twist the root of my hair. I continued
this process until my hair grew to a great length, in which I decided to remove the weave. I love my locs, and although it’s a transition that brought upon lots of time and patience, it’s a decision I am extremely
happy with."  - Monique.  To contact Monique, you can call her at 1-786-566-3180.