Poetry - Kinks Koils and Kurls

Kinks Koils and Kurls
by Belinda LeBlanc

My hair doesn't confine me, it enhances me
Letting everyone know that confidently bold is what i am
Adorned in a crown of textured tresses
It makes a statement that I alone couldn't even say
Whether its twisted up in a sexy up doo or free flowing voluptuous curls....

It is all a reflection of me
It's texture and complexity matches me to a T
My Natural Habitat is my solace and something most won't understand....
No you can't touch it
Yes its mine, and contrary to popular belief I LOVE IT!
My hair is my attitude....each strand holds an untold story of struggle; pride, confidence, history, heritage, and most importantly love
I was born in to these Mahogany Roots and i wouldn't change it for the world.