"Mommy"... "you have hair like me!"

Joe-Hannah Louisma's little girl, Gianna, was teased at school because she didn't have long straight hair.  When Gianna came home to mom and dad, they both tried to reassure her that - she and her hair where beautiful. But Giana would look to her mom's permed hair and say I want hair like yours Mommy. This struck a nerve with JoAnna. So one day Joe-Hannah went to the salon and cut it all off.

Her daughter was there with her and was so delighted. The little girl said "You look beautiful Mommy. You have hair like me!" 

This is one great example of how we often teach better, through our actions,  instead of just words.  It is a beautiful message and I am so happy to see that the little girl in the end, talks about how much she loves her natural hair.

Rochelle Richie, how narrates this story for us, was told that she needed to get extensions in order to be and get ahead as a news reporter. She did it and saw her career grow, while wearing the hair extensions for 6 years. But as shown in the video below, she noticed how much damage the extensions caused her hair and just had enough. She cut her hair off and is proud to say that she loves her natural hair. And that she will be working as a reporter from now on with her natural hair.